Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Reasons to be cheerful Number One...

Last week I decided to go to a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Class. I have to adapt the exercises. I had to have a Dr's note to take part. I have to do the exercises barefoot so's I don't fall over - it is all a chore and my teacher is fab accommodating my needs. I love it though and get a buzz from the small stuff I can actually do.

I stuck to the diet plan and enjoyed the food plan and recipes.

Today was my first weigh in.

I have lost 7lb!!

I was Slimmer of the week (bit embarrassing - but lovely too).


It says "member of the Holy Cross" as that is the church hall the group is held in but I feel it sounds like an order of nuns or some such - lol!

Reasons to be cheerful Number Two...

I received vouchers from Marks and Spencers and they have a sale on. So I got storage tins, a magnetic shopping list pad and a "Kiss the Cook" mug (hint hint Stephen!!) for just £1:50

Reasons to be cheerful Number Three...

I finally booked the chimney sweep to come - only 10 months late - oops! Better late than never.




Alison said...

Dear Lynn
I had not "looked for you" for several days, much packing, much jam and chutney making, and two days away - to Ludlow to collect keys for new house, catching up a little this evening and I am so happy for you (and for all your readers) that you are back blogging. Much love from Dorset (only for 13 more days). Ali.

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Well done that gal! :) Lovely tins too, very you. xx

Lynn said...

Thanks Tina!
Ali!!!!!! Hi! You busy girl, happy packing :)

Elizabethd said...

Wow!! I'm so impressed with that weight loss.

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! And you have a wonderful outlook on life and your troubles. The comment you made to your friend about memory was hilarious! Wishing you many wonderful blessings, Bess