Saturday, 1 October 2011

Reasons to be cheerful number one........

I suppose I shouldn't have found this funny. But I did, still do.

I was a bit nervous waiting to see a new neurology consultant. The consultant travels to a local doctor's surgery so patients do not have to travel to the city. It had been a bit stressy finding this new surgery and more stressy waiting.

The two mums there waiting to see their GP were busy on their phones texting, pretty much ignoring their kids who persisted in trying to get their mothers' attention with whispers and arm tapping but to no avail. The eldest child (aged about 8 or 9) decided to give in gracefully and started to read the posters on the wall. Curiosity got the better of him and when his mom ignored his whispered questions he shouted in a very loud voice "But I need to know , what exactly is Chlamydia screening?"

There was a sharp intake of breath from the receptionist and silence & stillness fell like heavy blankets upon us all.

Funnily enough both mothers put their phones away and from then on entertained their children with storybooks and some rhymes and we three adults all went into our respective appointments flushed with embarrassment and empathy but I couldn't help but think this is the risk you take if you text and not chat with your child!

Reasons to be cheerful number two....

I popped over to Australia this afternoon! Greg and his girlfriend came over with loads (2,000!!) photos of their Aussie hols on the PC as a slide show. It was so lovely. I have dived the Barrier Reef, walked the Sydney Bridge, held an aligator, been draped in a snake, fed kangaroos, climbed mountains and gazed at azure blue seas and still got back home in time for a cup of tea in the afternoon sunshine. Lovely!

Reasons to be cheerful number three...

Steve and I sat in the garden chatting. It is hot here today and we are soaking it all up. Last weekend we took our youngest son to uni. He has settled well and has enjoyed his first week. We spent the rest of the weekend on our own in Somerset. We are settling into a new chapter - our sons are settling into new lives and so are we. Today we sat in the sunshine chatting about it all.

This piccy was taken in Somerset last weekend. This shop was just dripping with flowers. Stunning.

I feel stunned by all the changes in my family. Happily stunned.

It seems only five minutes since I was trying to keep my boys occupied in waiting rooms so they wouldn't read the posters and ask me embarrassing questions OUT LOUD!

Happy weekend!



Elizabethd said...

Hello Lynn. I'm catching up , having been away since 26th Sept. Lovely to read about your 'trip' to Australia!

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Great post, as always! xx

Jill said...

Its weird isnt it! I think a pat on the back is due tho. They are well settled is down to their good grounding from you. x

Angela said...

So impressed by a child who could read the word "chlamydia"! MY eldest - aged 3 - asked me [in a VERY crowded ladies loo in John Lewis, Oxford Street] "What's that machine for mummy?" [the sanpro dispenser] So I said "Umm, err, its for people who want to buy erm, tissues and things"
Pause. Sudden loud voice "Mummy, I have EVER Such a runny nose, I need a tissue, please!"
Entire queue dissolves in giggles.

children are wonderful.

Lynn said...

Yes I was impressed at his reading too, Angela - and wanted to say "Well done!" and offer house points - lol! I even sat there wondering what "level" he was reading at - forever the teacher!!

Pom Pom said...

Ha ha! You and Angela thought the same thing I did!
Oh, you'll have such lovely times, you and Steve!
I'm so glad things are calm and good, Lynn.