Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Reasons to be cheerful number one...

The first of my late planting of sweet peas.

Also in there a stray winter pansy found as I cut the last stragglers back to the ground in the hope of an Autumn second lot of growth which often happens and a kalanchoe cutting which now has sufficient root growth to be potted on (and has had for a week or more- lazy gardener - lol)

Reasons to be cheerful number two...

When a decorated package like this thuds softly on the door mat

you just know Pom Pom has been at work :)

Thank you, thank you Pom Pom - I have had a lovely time over cups of tea in the garden.

Reasons to be cheerful number three...

The weather here continues to be very hot so I sat last night with cool drink in hand and did an internet supermarket shop for the next couple of weeks. I shall just have to top up fruit & veg at the local shop/farm shop or even the pick - your - own which I haven't been to yet this Summer. The thought of no supermarket visit makes me very cheery.


He will wipe away every tear from their eyes...


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