Tuesday, 2 August 2011

And another reason to be cheerful...

OK I admit it - yesterday I cleaned the loo with a so called flushable moist loo wipe. Which blocked the loo.

After several hours of flushing and twirling a loo brush like a real girly I decide I have to act like a bloke push up those sleeves and get down and dirty with a plunger or else it's get in a plumber and blow the entire monthly if not quarterly budget. And even worse admit what I have done.

So I spend another hour procrastinating with soda crystals and buckets of hot water. During all this time I have been praying not that the blocked loo be unblocked (though that might have been a good prayer hours ago) but that the blockages in my own life be unblocked.

But still the loo is blocked.

So it's time to do the blokey, hands down loo thing.

I go to get the Marigolds(rubber gloves) . No Marigolds in the house - yikes. But my friend did buy me ages ago some lovely rubber gloves which say on them "Smile, be happy - I'm a princess!" which I never used. Needs must and all that.

You are thinking what a charmed life I live aren't you?!!

I spend the next half an hour not smiling, not being happy feeling sure that jabbing the U bend with a toothbrush is not the occupation of princesses. By now my stroke addled hand is swelling a bit, I start praying that my hand doesn't get stuck (now that would have been a story and a half) and to keep going I ponder whether to tell my husband I used his toothbrush "but I did clean it afterwards" just for a joke!!

And my reason to be cheerful ? The block is unblocked, I have had a warm bath and feel de-fumigated, I am now one princess glove short of the pair as it is with the toothbrush in the dustbin - though Steve's not to know that (!) and I shall never ever buy moist tissue wipes again - please note they are NOT flushable despite what they say.

I wasted a whole morning. I know more about a U bend than a girl should ever ever know but I didn't spend a penny - pun intended!


Elizabethd said...

Now you have me worried as I always use flushable thingies to clean the loo....so far no problems!

Jane and Chris said...

Heheheh....it's so funny when it happens to someone else! I would probably be in tears if it happened to me.
Jane x

Angela said...

flushed with success, everything arranged at your own convenience, plumbing the depths here for dreadful puns!!

so glad you sorted it- well done for your dogged determination to do it WITHOUT a pricey plumber!!

remember to turn the other glove inside out, so you can wear it on your 'dominant' hand next time [hopihg there isnt a next time tho!!]

blessings xx

Kim @ Lavender Fields Forever said...

Oh Lyn, what a way to spend a few hours -not. Hope you are ok & that your hand is not too sore

Alison said...

Last week loo contents would not flush away!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried several times, some water slowly disappeared but not the other stuff, ended up with a piece of wire at the end of a marigolded hand, praise be after about 5 minutes it worked, well Lynn you know exactly how pleased I was, I had been dreading calling a plumber in. xxx Ali.

Lynn said...

Am doing a happy dance for you right now Ali - LOL!!

Pom Pom said...

Wow! You are quite resourceful, Nella! Way to go! I shall start calling rubber gloves Marigolds. I missed you! (BIG HUG!)

A tale from toadstool house said...

lol,love it!! Just found you through Kazzys blog,country rabbit,I m going for a little nosy around,hope you dont mind? have a lovely weekend,julie.xxx

Lynn said...

Hi Julie! Welcome!!