Tuesday, 26 July 2011

An interruption in cheeriness.

I am going to have to work extra extra hard to find cheeriness today.

Can you believe that a man has paid £75,000 for a bottle of wine when there are children in the world with no fresh water to drink?

I can not get this thought out of my head. And what is more I keep on telling myself that I too do utterly insane and selfish things and I must not dare to judge.

I must go and get busy and find some cheeriness. This is making me utterly miserable.


Angela said...

Yes I was sad too

But I'm heartened by the news that in Norway they have revised the death toll downwards after the massacre - how wonderful that some children they originally thought were dead have been found to be alive.

It IS hard to be positive sometimes, but remember that in the end, God WILL triumph, and everything will be put right.

And we can do our little bit in our corner of the planet, to show His love and grace to others, altho I admit my attempts are often much feebler than I'd like.

hugs an dblessings x

Lynn said...

Ah bless ya dear friend - and yes some good news for us from Norway - my heart has ached for them this week. And then there is Amy Winehouse's family. We live in a broken world. Everything I say and do seems to be so silly & trivial. I just want to go round hugging everyone and stop them hurting.

Jane and Chris said...

All we can do is try to make our own little world better. You do that in your 123s. You make me stop and think just what has made me cheerful that day. Thank you.
Jane x

Jill said...

And hugs dont cost nuthin.

Pom Pom said...

Sigh. We put such wacky values on things. It make me wonder what else we're missing. I am so thankful that Jesus is in charge of what we cannot see or even fathom.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely pointless to dwell on the fact that someone has paid that for a bottle of wine. These things happen all the time and will continue to do so. Occasionally something like that will be published and people throw up their hands in horror yet excesses are commonplace and run of the mill to many people. How the other half live etc.
Yes it's tragic that Amy Winehouse has lost her life but just because she was famous we get to hear about it. There are young (and not so young) people dying in similar circumstances every day - because their names aren't in the public eye we are oblivious to the loss their families suffer.
The news that someone has paid a considerable sum for wine is making you utterly miserable - perhaps you need to look at the bigger picture - tomorrow and the day after and onwards someone will pay an excessive amount for something similar, no amount of being miserable will alter that fact.
Sometimes we have to turn a blind eye to others excesses, perhaps tut about it but then get on with life.
Sorry if this reply isn't what you wanted to hear but I don't like to think of you being "utterly miserable" about something that you can't change.

Lynn said...

No worries - you make sense :)