Sunday, 12 June 2011

There are many reasons to be cheerful after all.

It is good to look; to discipline oneself to look, to seek and to search.

Reasons to be cheerful number one....

Here is Calamity Jane - sitting peaceably enough , behaving herself.

The angle somehow makes her look longer - how did I do that? She is shorter than this.

I think of her as a benevolent Aunt who kind of humours us - she welcomes us back each weekend, wraps us in warmth and cosiness and offers us a challenge when we get overly confident - lol! This week's challenge was that the camp site was on an incline which Calamity was not fond of so we had to use chocks to assuage her and level her just so.

But our TLC & midweek DIY was rewarded & we got on beautifully - can you fall in love with a caravan?????? Oh dear.

I cooked more this weekend.

I feel sorry for Stephen, my husband.

He has a terrifically stressful job, a post stroke wife and now Calamity Jane to contend with. He hitches her to the car - CJ not me ;0 - LOL - with ease, he looks in his mirrors mid-motorway and says stuff like - "Well would you look at that; she's still attached!" Or another favourite is "Someone's following us and they're way too close for my liking!" When we leave Calamity Jane in storage after each hols he always sighs and says "Well, we survived then! "

BUT he always says, "This is the life!" or "It's a hard life but someone's got to do it!" when he has finished setting up Calamity Jane and comes in to find me cooking a curry with his fave classical music playing, a glass of cold cider and some nibbles and his library book waiting for him :)

I think we have a caravanning routine slowly establishing itself and I love it :) Thanks Calamity Jane!

This is "my seat" in Calamity Jane.

I claimed it as mine because it is nearer the kitchen. I figure that if Steve does all the hitching up, driving stuff then the least I can do is all the domestics. I know he would do the domestics too if needs be but whilst I can do it I am so happy to be able to do something useful :)

Do you know, I could sit in this seat for hours and just watch the world go by. I feel my body get lighter and lighter as all stresses leave it and I become truly, truly relaxed. I love my little window seat.

Reasons to be cheerful number two...

We all have our own mountains to climb.

And on Saturday this was mine.

There were three options; horizontal flat left, horizontal flat right, straight on but really really steep.

"Which way?" asks Steve. He always asks me and lets me lead according to how I feel. "Straight on," I said. He looked concerned. I felt scared. This is the most challenging I have attempted post stroke.



"Come on then."

"Shall I race yer?" (me)

"Nah, not today!"

Well I took it a wee bit slow but I did it!

And the view from the top...

... this greenery is actually the tops of the tree tops!

There were marsh orchids and rarer bee orchids and we were wowed by kestrels too. I felt just awed by it all.

On the way back down - a young lad maybe 19 -ish RAN the whole way up without stopping! Steve & I just gawped and then looked at each other and said, "Show off!" grinned and carried on lumbering our way down! When we got to the bottom said young man had sat down at the top. "He's had to sit down, should we run up and make sure he's ok?" I joked.

"My darling , by the time we get to the top, it'll be his bedtime and he'll be back home and sound asleep." Nuff said.

Reasons to be cheerful number three...

Another view from the top was Hardwick Hall which we decided to visit as we get in free on our NT membership. On the way we had to follow a wedding horse and cart - how lovely!

I thought of a nervous, excited bride within; her groom awaiting at a tiny village church a mile away. I thought of my vows, our vows, good times, hard times, present times, strong times. I said a prayer for this soon to be newly wed couple and us; an oldly wed couple.

And here is Hardwick Hall.

I love the Porovskia next to the bench which has given me ideas for both planting and painting.

It was a good weekend; a time to look and think, to see and seek, find answers maybe?


Seek and ye shall find

Luke 11:9


Elizabethd said...

How lovely. I do enjoy reading your 'reasons'.

Catherine said...

Glad to see you enjoying CJ! If only I could talk my hubby round to adding one to our family!!
The NT property looks lovely. Cx

Pom Pom said...

Oh, what a perfect post, Lynn! It sounds like you had a fantastic time! Aren't you so glad you own Calamity Jane? She's perfect for you two!

Jill said...

This is great stuff. There were good things in the Midlands! Ability to access all that beauty.
Made my morning.

Angela said...

Thanks for the picture
I have always wanted to visit Hardwicke Hall but am not in NT and don't fancy the entrance fee!!

CJ sounds like a real godsend!