Thursday, 9 June 2011

Reasons to be cheerful number one...

It struck me last night that, late in the evening, doing a final clean of the kitchen and setting it to rights for the morrow is therapeutic and cheers me. It cleans my mind of the day as well as the kitchen. It cheers me that I got through and that what seemed huge and problematic earlier in the day, well, with hindsight, is not important anymore.

My menfolk clear away supper for me earlier in the evening so this final clear away comprises emptying the dishwasher, maybe adding anything that didn't fit earlier, some small amount of handwashing sometimes, cleaning counters sometimes, making a list on the blackboard on what I would like to get done in the morning. This is a clearing of the day and preparing for the next day and doing so clears my mind.

Reasons to be cheerful number two...

The methodical rhythm of ironing. I used to hate, loathe and detest ironing. I think I was scared of burning holes in stuff :)

Now I set up a board swathed in a good cover, fill the iron with a frugally well-diluted ironing water, put on a good gardening programme or drama and enjoy the scented warmth of the steamy iron.

Sometimes I time myself - challenging myself to finish early. And always I congratulate myself on a good job.

I spent an hour ironing yesterday letting my mind wander as Monty Don wittered away on TV (not sure I like Monty as much as other presenters - nice man but I find it difficult to concentrate with him hence the wandering mind!) As I left my ironing scented reverie I was quite surprised by how much I had got done and not a burnt item in sight :)

Reasons to be cheerful number three...

An empty day just waiting to be filled :)


It is a good idea sometimes to think of the importance and dignity of our everyday duties.

It keeps them from being so tiresome; besides, others are apt to take us at our own valuation.

Laura Ingalls Wilder.


Jill said...

I am still getting used to not being fearful of burning myself! Steam Presses may be quicker on bedding but ...
Never thought of setting up the board with a t.v. programme, next time I will. Thanks Lynn.

Pom Pom said...

I like number 3 best. An empty day, waiting to be filled with fun and poetic thinking. Although, I find ironing very sweet, too. My kitchen needs a good scrub! LOVE!