Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Reasons to be cheerful number one...

Going into my youngest son's room and finding that not only had he got round to tidying it but had dusted and vacuumed too whilst we were out! I don't think he has ever ever dusted or vacuumed his room of his own volition - ever. Tidied yes but never dusted and vacuumed. I usually have to "suggest" he gets out the Dyson when really this.....

would have been far more suitable! Is he growing up and showing he is ready for uni? Or is he just sick of exam revision ?? LOL.

Reasons to be cheerful number two...

The blackbirds have decided to re-vamp the nest in the ivy-covered wall of the garage and raise another little brood. It's nice to see Mrs Blackbird's antics, see what she chooses for the re-style - nice soft downy stuff, thus far.

As I watched I pondered my own nest emptying. I felt a surge of grateful cheeriness that I am not expected to re-vamp these rooms of mine for more babies. Gosh how tiring that would be!
To start baby making all over again. But then she hasn't been at this nest building as long as I have. It's only a few short weeks since she began nest building this year. And after all, she didn't have 24 year old, 22 year old, and 17 year old blackbirds in that nest of hers did she? Lol.

Reasons to be cheerful number three...

I am tired today and there is a mountain of ironing to do. But I could have skipped for joy had I had any energy when I found that everyone already has ironed work shirts for tomorrow in their wardrobes. So, what the heck, the ironing pile can wait until tomorrow.
One last chore to do; supper - chicken wrapped in parma ham with dauphinoise potatoes and peas or salad, strawberries and peaches for pudding - nice and easy so I am nearly off duty and surely cheerful for that!


Be faithful in small things
because it is in them that your strength lies.

Mother Teresa.


Elizabethd said...

I seem to remember that ANYTHING is better than revision! But how lovely of him to do that.

Pom Pom said...

You have so many people to iron for. I only iron for me. It's nice wearing stretchy clothes (the guys) for that reason! I used to iron for money when the kids were small! I can't believe I got that job done. Now, I'm filled with bliss while ironing. Weird, huh? I hope you rested today, sweet pea!